Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Over the years I have started several blogs and sites with great plans of what I was going to do with them, but over the time they burned out. I have come to realize that the main reason behind this was because I always put limitations on what I was going to post in said blog. It was always focused on one thing, like reviews, or my daily life, or music I liked. And every time I wanted to post about something else I felt like I shouldn't because that wasn't what the blog was for and people might not be interested. Today I decided to start a blog where I wouldn't care. If I feel like writing a review on a song, I will write a review on a song, if I feel like discussing a controversial subject, I will do so. And if I feel like writing several pages of absolute nonsense, I will indulge in that urge too. Basically, this will be my tiny sanctuary where I will post whatever I want and stop caring about whether it is what my readers expect.

Despite doing whatever I want I would still love it if my readers would enjoy the experience and be willing to come along on the ride. I will appreciate any requests or suggestions, though I cannot guarantee I will fulfill them. But I will always give it a shot!

Thank you for giving this blog a glance, and I hope you will enjoy reading some of my posts in the future!

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